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When I was a little kid I thought dominoes were a great toy.
It wasn't till I got a little older that I found out you could also play games with them too.
That made them even cooler.

The Domino Deck

My 90+ year old mom loves to play games, but her eyesight isn't what it use to be and now she is legally blind.
I like to play games with her and one of the type of games we like to play is domino games.
The problem is she has a hard time seeing the pips on the dominoes 
and has to constantly pick them up one at a time to see what she has.
I made the domino deck with large fonts. She finds them easier to see and use since they are all in her hand.
The domino deck is a double 12 set of dominoes that can fit in your pocket. 
It can easily be made into a double 6 or 9 using the colored center bar I added to the cards.
Overlapping the cards as you play allows you to play without taking up more room then a regular set of dominoes,
and you can still see what has been played before.

The Domino Deck is Available at
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  Games tjgames Alpha Playing Cards  

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