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When I was a little kid I thought dominoes were a great toy.
It wasn't till I got a little older that I found out you could also play games with them too.
That made them even cooler.

The Domino Deck

My mom loved to play games, and dominoes was one of the games she really enjoyed. When she reached her late 80’s her eyesight became increasingly bad and she had a hard time seeing the pips on the dominoes. Although I could tell her what had been played to the board, she still struggled to see the dominoes in her hand. She also loved to play card games and said, "if the dominoes were like cards, it would be easier to hold them all in my hand and see them better. That way I wouldn’t have to keep picking them up one at a time to see what I have." So, I made the domino deck, which she loved. 

When making the deck I made the fonts very large so it was easier to see. I added a small feature to make it easier to turn the deck into double 6, 9 or 12 set of dominoes. Overlapping the cards as you play allows you to play without taking up more room then a regular set of dominoes, and you can still see what has been played before. The domino deck is a double 12 set of dominoes that can fit in your pocket.

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