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This web page came about when I was trying to make another game for Alpha Playing Cards called "Say N Take". "Say N Take" is a simple letter recognition game that I got the idea for after watching a video of my oldest daughter Kristen (now married) when she was about 3. I would place down the magnetic letters from refrigerator on a table and say "can you find me a _" and she would pick it up or she would say a letter and pick it up and show me. I decided to try and adapt that idea to Alpha Playing Cards. However, I found that this game worked better with a deck of flash cards then with the Alpha Playing Cards, so I decided to make a web page with the game "Say N Take" and a free printable version of flash cards on it instead.  

The web page started with one style of alphabet flash cards (the playing card style) and the game "Say N Take". I started getting requests for a single letter style card and a cursive style too. So I added that to the web page. I also got e-mails with other game ideas that can be played with the cards and I added them (If you have any let me know and I add them too).

I hope you enjoy the flash cards and the games for them.

Select a card style (there are four to choose from)  and then print them out. I suggest you use card stock if you have it.

Single Letter
Less confusing, but can come out upside down occasionally.

Playing Card Style
Set up like a Playing Card. This style is easier to play games with.

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If you want a design on the back of your cards, carefully reload the 6 sheets of paper back in your printer. This is going to take a little thought so that everything lines up properly. Then click on the back (to the right) and print. It is probably best to do one sheet at time and check to make sure everything lines up. If you don't want a design on the back of the cards skip down

Back of Cards

After you done printing, cut out the cards and shuffle them up. Now you can go to the games below and read the instructions and start playing the games. Enjoy and come back anytime you need more cards.

Say N Take
A letter recognition game for 1 or more players.
The rules for this game are quite simple.  

  • Shuffle up the cards and then place down any number of cards from 1 to 10 or more face up. The more cards on the table the easier the game is.
  • Players take turns. 
  • What a player must do is say the name of one of the letters on the cards. If the players says the letter correctly on one of the cards they get to pick up that card and keep it.
  • After a player takes a card, place down another card from the deck to keep the card count on the table constant.
  • Keep playing until all of the cards are gone.
  • This game is not designed to really have a winner, it should be played just to have fun. 
  • Other variations that can be played are: say the sound of the letter or say a word that starts with the letter. 
  • To keep the game fun remember to make a big deal when someone gets the letter correct and be helpful when they are not sure of a letter.

Alphabet Fish
From R. Cooper in Conyers, GA

Print up two sets of flash cards, deal out each player 5 or 7 cards, have them play just like 'Go Fish'...'Do you have any A's' and so on....player with most matches wins...variation on this would be to ask for the opposite of what you have in your hand....ex: if you have a capital 'A' then you would ask for a lower case/little 'a'...and so on...

Forgot how to play go fish? Here is a link to a website with the rules.


Alphabet Puzzle
From L. Stookey,  Mims, FL

My 3 1/2 yr old likes to play the alphabet puzzle. I shuffle the cards well and place them face up on the floor or table. She then places the cards in the correct order, saying a word that starts with each letter (she has to find a new word each time). We use both upper and lower case letters with the game and have upgraded it to include both print and cursive letters. This can also be used with numbers to learn their phone #.



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