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Can you get your suitcases (or at least some of them) and yourself off the train before it's too late.

The train car you are on has broken away from the rest of the train and is now heading back down the slight hill towards the Train Station next to the cliffs overlooking the ocean. You are not too alarmed at first, but now the train car seems to be picking up speed, the smart thing to do would be to jump...but,,, there still some time and the train is not moving that fast yet, you are sure you can get your suitcase off before you have to jump. Too bad the other passengers seem to have the same idea.

The object of the game is to score the most points by getting your suitcases off the train car. Suitcases have a point value from 1-7 and there are also bonuses and score multipliers that can increase the points earned. You will at some point want to get your passenger off the train, because when the train does crash you don't want to be on it.




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