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Sudoku 2 Words combines a Sudoku and a Word Puzzle together. 
It is actually 2 puzzles in one.
Inside the Sudoku is a hidden message, your challenge is to figure out what it is.
 It could be a quote to make you think.....or a pun to make you laugh. 
Or maybe something else.

To do this you must first solve the Sudoku, which will reveal the letter groups.
Rearrange the letters in the groups to get the words.
Get the message.

On the first Sunday morning of every month a new Sudoku2Words is released.

This Month's Puzzle

Last Month's Puzzle & Answer


Print out and solve this month's Sudoku2Words
Enter by e-mailing the correct  message in the puzzle to 
with you name & your e-mail address to contact you if you win.

Deadline for this month's entry is the last Sunday of this month.

Only one entry per person per month.

If you don't win you get to try again every month.
Even if you do win you get try again every month.






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