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tjgames is a tall indie game designer who lives in the Pacific Northwest and takes care of critters fur a living. Has a website called where he has some of the games that he created. tjgames is Tim Schutz and Tim Schutz is tjgames. 

He loves games and has been playing them since he was small and played many of the classic games from that era (the 60s)...Clue, Monopoly, Life, Mouse Trap, Yahtzee to name a few. As he got tall he continued to play board game and card games. He studied electrical engineering and worked in the arcade game business for many years...pinball machines, video games, simulators...etc. The best thing about the arcade business was making sure the games worked properly, which required testing...sometimes a lot of testing.

He currently co-owns a pet sitting business with his wife and mostly walks dogs for a living...which is cool because it allows you mind to wonder while you walk; of course you need to focus a little on the dog and surroundings. But, you can also think about many other things while you walk;  life, religion, games, the cosmos, current events, games, how did that giant rock get here, games again. Note: walking is done best without earphones or a screen in front of you; just the leash, the dog and your thoughts...and some poop bags in your pocket.

You can contact him at questions(at)

The pet-sitting business is here Janice's Critter Care 

Games Alpha Game System Pareidolia Forest Flash Cards About

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