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StellaLuna and Me

        Hello, I'm Me. Well, I'm not really Me. I mean my name is not Me. That's what my dog StellaLuna calls me, because for some reason she thinks that's my name. There's a story behind that, but that's a story for another time.


Faces in the forest

         StellaLuna and I (aka Me) love to go hiking in the forests of the Pacific Northwest. While we hike we look for faces in the trees (they tend to hide). When we spy one, I'll take a picture of it. StellaLuna like to pose with them, when she can. She says she can talk to the tree beings. She like to tell me what they are saying since humans can't hear them, but I think she's making it all up.



         For some of the photographs, I'll create a simple silhouette to frame the photo with, to accentuate what we saw. I call these silhouettes. You can check them out on my flicker page. The link is below.



Coming Soon

A children's book that is currently being written by StellaLuna and Me.



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